Let It Go: When Dreams Are Derailed

Every young mother has dreams for her children. 

As we hold that newborn babe in our arms, we begin to see the potential in this tiny human being…one made in the image and likeness of our Creator God. We wonder if that baby girl will grow up to be a carbon copy of her mommy or will she accomplish so much more than her mama had ever dreamed? We see our sons and are in awe that this little man will grow up to be a man perhaps like his father, even having a wife and children of his own someday. We have visions of tea parties, t-ball, and prom dates. But more than anything, I believe we mothers just want our babies to grow into happy, healthy adults.

I was that young mother so many years ago...

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Before you head over, I want to share a few things about this new website!

I have the joy and privilege to be one of the six contributors to this brand new website and today is launch day! 

Pretty & Wise was founded by my daughter, Lyndsay Terry, and is based on this verse: 
How wonderful it is to be wise, to analyze and interpret things. Wisdom lights up the person's face, softening its harshness.               Ecclesiastes 8:1  
And so she has brought us together to connect with you. We are a collective of women...speakers, writers, mothers, pastors, friends, ministry leaders...who are passionately pursuing relationship with Jesus Christ. We've been changed by Him, and continue to seek to go deeper with Him. Because of that, our mission is to...
dig through scripture, share our testimonies, and gain some wisdom from the word together so that we can live the Word bravely and boldly as women of God.
In order to create a platform that nurtures community among the readers/visitors, Pretty & Wise has a unique feature that I absolutely love: 

Here's how it works:
Go over to Community page and sign up, create your account and put your face on there so we know who we're taking to and then go join in on the conversations. 

After reading an article on the blog you can click on the link to go over to the community page related to that article. The author of the article posts a related scripture and questions to spur on a conversation from the readers in the Pretty & Wise community.  

Anyone who comes directly to the community page can join in on any of these conversations. I love this! We are able to respond to the questions, respond to people's questions/replies, and just join in on the conversation...encouraging one another. This is what brings us together in a community of sisterhood.

We need these kinds of conversations in order to know that we are not alone. That moment when we read someone else's reply and think, "Yes! Me Too!" That is the moment that connects us! Connection is so important for true community to happen. 

There is so much more over at Pretty & Wise to encourage you. I hope that you will join us for some laughs, some tears, and some serious sisterhood.
...and let us run the race with endurance that God has set before us.  Hebrews 12:1b

The women at Pretty & Wise want to cheer you on to keep running that race with everything you've got, girl!

I will continue to write here at Captive Heart. Come back soon!

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