Did Anyone Ever Tell You That You're Beautiful? Beautiful...Five Minute Friday

It's that time again…Five Minute Friday! I'm linking up with Lisa-Jo and so many other amazing word weavers.

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So here goes!  

Five Minute Friday: Beautiful


"Did anyone ever tell you you're beautiful?"   Those are the very first words my husband ever spoke to me.  I didn't know him from Adam at the time. I thought that was a little strange that he should walk up to me, say those words, turn and just walk away. Even so....a pretty good line, don't you think? Turns out he must have meant it because after 30 years of marriage to this man, he still tells me I'm beautiful!

I've not had very many people tell me that I am beautiful...

My mother was very proud of me and she always let me know it.  She loved my singing, thought I had just the right figure, and was proud of my accomplishments.  She was proud that I took my faith seriously and walked with the Lord from a very young age on...always bragging to her friends about what I was doing...sometimes to my chagrin.  Still...she made me FEEL beautiful.

My best friend in High School, Meg DeWeese, used to tell be I'd be beautiful if I was bald.  She was great for my self-esteem.  Our friendship is one of the most beautiful things that has touched my life.  She was and is real, genuine, amazing and beautiful!

God tells me I am beautiful too...

" How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news." I love to spend time with  others...especially young women, sharing the good news of Christ's love for us...His sacrifice for us as He took our sins upon His broken body and shed His own blood so that we would not have to suffer in eternity without the fellowship of God the Father.   He rose again to show us that we too can rise again and live in eternity in Heaven. The good news is that we  can walk in victory in this life and live it to the full.

Beautiful indeed!!!

I think the beauty that I carry inside me has everything to do with the beauty of my risen savior. I pray that His light will continue to shine within and without, so that others can see that they don't have to live in a broken, despondent state but walk in the beauty of the forgiveness, grace, and healing that is offered to them.

Did you know that you, too, are beautiful?  He has created you...beautiful. I urge you to walk in that beauty!   Own it!  It will rock your world.

Listen to the song that Nicole Nordeman sings, Beautiful for Me.
I see so many women walking in the deception created by the enemy of their souls...the lie that they are too ugly, too stupid, too plain to accomplish anything of lasting importance.

 It's time...time for you to walk in the truth and the beauty of the God who created all things beautiful!

Has anyone ever told you, you're beautiful?

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