The Action Bible: Faith in Action Edition...Review and Bible giveaway!

 The past few weeks...more like months...have been difficult. Dealing with hard things brought about a season of contemplation and basically put the brakes on life for a bit. 

I wrote about what's been happening in my latest article on the Pretty & Wise site here:  Just Sit With It.   I would appreciate it if you head over there to read it when you get a minute or two. It is a quick read but, oh, so heartfelt. 

Because of all the things going on, and putting a few things on hold, I'm a bit late getting this article written. But I didn't want to skip it. It is such a great resource for families and I didn't want you to miss out on a chance to win a copy of this Bible for your child. I love giving away Bibles!

I'm giving away a hardcover copy of The Action Bible: Faith In Action Edition! So check out the specs and my review and then enter the contest below.

About the Bible

For the past decade, The Action Bible has been instrumental in engaging millions of kids across the world with the stories of the Bible and the saving power of Jesus Christ. With vivid illustrations and fast-paced stories, children have connected with God's Word in new ways.  According to the publisher, David C Cook, this has led to many kids, and families, coming to know Christ as their Savior, joining a church, getting baptized, and growing in their faith. 

Based on the original bestselling title, The Action Bible, they have created a new interactive edition, The Action Bible: Faith In Action Edition

This new edition is designed to go beyond Bible knowledge and help your child grow a strong personal relationship with Christ. Kids learn to live out their faith through seven major themes of the Bible. These themes are identified with these Faith in Action badges found in the stories throughout the Bible: Courage, Faith, Hope, Love, Service, Trust, and Wisdom. 


Vivid illustrations and short impactful stories help connect Gen Zs and Gen Alphas to God’s Word.

• Stories are in chronological order to better help kids understand God’s redemptive story.

• The Faith in Action Edition is about helping kids Engage in God’s Word, Grow in God’s Word, and Live God’s Word.

• Spiritual Growth Resources include over 200 devotionals, prayers, character stories, teaching videos, timelines, maps, and Bible facts.

• Kids and parents can access digital resources by scanning QR codes throughout the Bible.

• Major themes of the Bible are highlighted throughout with icons that help kids personalize their faith and live God’s Word. 

• The Faith In Action Edition is the most complete interactive Bible for kids and teens.

My Review

As I looked through this Bible, I wondered if it was just for very young children or if was it for young teens as well. To me, this looks much like the Bible told in short story form and illustrated in comic book-style artwork. It is very well done for sure...but I just wasn't sure what might interest young teens these days. So I asked my son, who works with the youth group at church...mostly, young teens are in this group of kids. He said, "Yep. They would like it."  So there's that. 

Now when I say comic book-style illustrations, I'm talking really good quality work. I looked up info on the illustrator and found this: 

 Sergio Cariello used his experience working for Marvel Comics and DC Comics to bring his dream of illustrating the Bible to life. As a young boy, he grew up with a Portuguese translation of The Picture Bible and never imagined he would one day work on the Bible as an artist.

That's pretty impressive. We live in a fast-paced, media-driven world. It can take something 'extra' to get kids and young adults engaged because of what they are accustomed to consuming. 

I would not necessarily recommend a Bible such as this, in its short story/comic book style form to the mature believer looking for a Bible that will get them engaged in in-depth study. But I would recommend it to those children, young people, and adults who are looking for a way to get a good overview of God's Word. A practical, fun, and engaging starting point for sure that can cultivate a hunger for more of God's Word.  Something that just might spark the beginning of a great thirst for engaging God's Word and set the stage for the great adventure of a lifetime of getting into the Word to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus and His Word. 

The resources look to be an added benefit for the individual reading it as well as for parents looking for ways to engage with their child together in his/her daily Bible reading and study. It looks to be a fun resource for homeschooling families as well. 

So I would recommend this to young families looking for resources that will aid you in getting your kids, young and older, into the Word! 

*Many thanks to David C Cook for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

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