Something to think about for the New Year

As I was looking in some of my old books and journals for new inspiration for the New Year, I ran across this journal entry that I had written almost five years hit me as worthy to repost here as it made me consider my pursuit of the Holy...

"The whole of life of the good Christian is a holy longing." St Augustine, Bishop of Hippo.

The questions in the journal after this quote were: What do you think about this statement? Have you seen the truth of it played out in your life? How? How might having a "holy longing" lead to a "good Christian" life?

As I pondered these questions... this is what I wrote:

I believe this to be a true statement(referring to the quote above). The "holy longing" is the longing to be in intimate fellowship with our Creator.
We are like the "moth to the flame" in that we are drawn to the light of God's grace and love, and to His perfect character... to His Glory. The closer to the flame we get the more our sins are illuminated and "burned off" in our confession and repentance. Our old self is "burned away" as our new self begins to reflect His glory more and more.
I have always been like that moth...drawn to God...drawn to living a life that will please Him. Longing to get rid of my old selfish and corrupt flesh and to be renewed by His Holy Spirit....even all the while, struggling to protect the flesh from the "burns of conviction".

I named this blog "Captive Heart" because that is my longing more than anything else on this have a heart captive to the love and grace of my Lord and Savior. That will continue to be my resolution in the dawn of this new pursue the Holy and grow in intimacy with God. What about you?

Do you have a holy longing?