Rambling on about books...and a movie ticket giveaway! Little Women: A Modern Retelling

My idea was to share how this love affair began.  You see, I was going to write just a bit about my passion for all things books. After a bit of rambling on about my love of books, I was then going to find a way to segue from talking about a classic I read as a young girl to introducing a movie that is a modern retelling of said classic...releasing in theaters later this month...Little Women: A Modern Retelling.

Photo courtesy of Official Facebook Page for LITTLE WOMEN,
a modern adaptation of the classic book Louisa May Alcott
But the 'just a bit' became several paragraphs and was on track for becoming a full-blown article...without mention of the movie. No surprise there. So I've decided to just talk just a bit about the movie here.
She is too fond of books, it has turned her brain.   
                             ~Louisa May Alcott
I can totally relate to that quote! Books like Little Women tend to make us stop and take a deeper look at the way we view ourselves and the world around us. Books have deeply impacted my sense of right and wrong, taken me on exciting adventures to new lands, and given me insight into the way others think that is profoundly different than my own way of thinking. Reading has shown me glimpses of characters who portrayed such traits as valor or courage or chivalry. 
But enough about books for now...

You can check back later to read the article on my love of books and how it all began and where it has taken me. 

Also, next week I will have a review of the movie on the if you haven't made up your mind to see it, be sure to check back here to see if it sounds like your cup of tea. 

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It's the 150th Anniversary of Little Women, which makes it the perfect time for the release of a new film adaptation of this beloved classic.

Little Women releases in Theaters nationwide September 28, 2018. 
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Watch the trailer here...

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See you at the movies!