Strong Enough?

"God has not placed you where you are now in this journey because you are a 'strong enough’ woman.

NO, He has you here because in the journey 

you will become strong.

You have only to trust that

 His grace is sufficient." 

~ Gay Idle

Sometimes a simple thought speaks volumes. This particular thought (see above quote) came to me this morning. 

I am learning that sometimes the journey I am on  looks like the winter picture of my garden (or of my discontent)...

...but God already sees the outcome of His will for my life...the culmination of the path I am traversing, even perhaps, the reason for the journey.  Springtime is a beautiful reminder of this to me!
How are you doing on the journey? 
 Please...share in the comment section for this post. I would love to hear how God is making His Word and will made known to you through your own journey!