Road Trip...Part Two...The Blessing of Family

Here it is...the second installment of the Idle Family Road Trip, 2013. These posts are very different from my usual writing, but I thought some of you might enjoy the trip!

 For those of you who know our family you may be wondering what happened to Josh(son-in-law-of my heart). He couldn't get off work. We're hoping that he will be able to make the next family trip. We all missed him, but especially Lyndsay and Judah!  

We flew to Virginia but left on our way to Ohio in this beautiful conversion van. What a blessing!!  

We drove well over 500 miles to Bryan, Ohio
in just one day...passing through Virginia,
Pennsylvania, Indiana, and finally Ohio.  

                         I said, "we drove" didn't I?  Let me clarify that, Rod drove. I did this...
I tried to read, but I kept falling asleep. So...I gave up on that and took a few photos...keep in mind these were all taken through a closed car window! of many, many seen on the road
Allegheny Tunnel, Pennsylvania Turnpike
Typical scenery in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana
So wish we could have stopped and gotten out to take these pics

Judah thought he would take a turn at the wheel.
Well...we let him at the wheel at all the rest stops.
 It was a welcomed break from the rear facing car
seat where he was usually confined during the trip.
Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house we go.
Where Judah gets to meet his Great-grandmother Idle...

 We take walks in the neighborhood to enjoy the beautiful fall weather...

 and Judah meets more aunts and uncles and is so very important! Don't have room to post all the photos...

 I will say that God has blessed me with a wonderful Mother-In-Law. She has been both a mentor and second Mom to me for over 30 years now. What a blessing to say that there have only been, maybe, two times throughout those years where she and I have had, shall we say, a bit of a communication problem...and that was during a hurricane, literally! Hurricane Charlie in Florida! We were painting rooms in our house and the hurricane was barreling through...needless to say nerves were on edge. We survived the hurricane and mended the small rift. I can honestly say that I love the relationship that I have with 'mom'. We laugh, cook, do puzzles together, laugh some more, go shopping, and talk and talk...and did I mention laugh?  I love you Flo!! 

Mom and Dad Idle have become my second set of parents, especially since my own mom and dad have passed away. I have even found myself calling Dad Idle, daddy at times. They are truly special in our lives!
Here is the infamous puzzle...all set up and started when we got there. Brad and Lyndsay helped out...a little. ;-)  They get tired and don't stay at it as long and Mom and I do.  

The men usually take a day or two...or three, to go play golf.    While the 'girls' go shopping!                                                                                                                                                                                                                           I have to say, Bryan is a tiny little town with not much to offer as far as shops go...

I did manage to find these books for Journey's church Library!
5 books for 5 bucks! Great deal!!

We also headed into Defiance to hit Kohl' of my favorite stores! I found a new purse for me, sleeper pj's  and a toy for Judah...can't resist shopping for my grandson! :-) 
Speaking of are a few more pics from his time at Great Grandmother Idle's...
What a gift from God!! 
Fascinated with the light from the sky light 
Can I help with the table cloth?
So precious...he loved standing and looking out the windows
Mom Idle with Judah and Lyndsay
I am so glad that we were able to make it back to Ohio with the family! Happy to see Judah meet his Great-grandmother and great-grandfather for the first time and feel so fortunate to have spent time with my husbands family...this family that has grafted itself onto my heart.  What a blessed woman I am!!

I hope you have enjoyed this part of the trip.  The final and third part of this road trip series will cover over 3000 miles from Bryan, Ohio to Fernley, Nevada.  How in the world will I get all of those photos in a blog post????  I guess you'll have to check back and see. ;-)

"As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD." 
                                                                                         Jeremiah  24:15