The TEXT Bible Review and Giveaway

I'm doing a quick giveaway this month. It's perfect for the month of January while we are all trying to establish new routines, setting new goals, and all the things we do when we get the chance to begin anew. 

I'm giving away a hardcover copy of The Text Bible! So check out the specs and my review and then enter the contest below! You can win a copy for yourself and order another for a friend with my 50% link...so read on!

About the Bible

The Text Bible is ideal for teens, young adults, new believers —and anyone who doesn’t feel confident studying the Bible on their own—to uncover God’s message to humanity in the Bible. His message for them:

To know God’s character and his plans for the world.

To see the truth about humanity.

To understand the hope they have in Jesus, and to share what they discover in God’s Word with others.

To begin a life-changing conversation with the God of the universe.

In this Bible, you are introduced to the new and memorable TEXT study method.  Along with this easy-to-use Bible engagement technique, answers to common questions, prayer prompts, and easy-to-understand study tips, The TEXT is a Bible that readers of any experience level will want to use every day.


  • TEXT the Text: use the four-step TEXT study method to engage with Scripture
  • Big Q of the Text: big life questions with short answers
  • “Who is God?”: nearly 100 short devotions on the person and character of God
  • Praying the Text: Learn how to start praying God’s Word right back to him!
  • Get to Know the Text: brief explanations of people and events found in Scripture
  • Follow the Thread: navigate the Bible across topics
  • Anatomy of the Text: concise descriptions of literary devices and categories of Scripture found within the Bible, such as parables and apocalyptic books
  • Terms of the Text: brief definitions of important words to help us better understand and discuss Scripture
  • Clear and readable 9-point NET Comfort Print® typeface

My Review

I think this is an ideal Bible for students because it meets them where they are, doesn't talk down to them, teaches who God is, how to engage with Scripture, and how to have a personal relationship with him.

I believe the TEXT Bible study method that is utilized throughout this Bible is a great tool that will feel familiar to young people today. Because Scripture is the primary way God speaks to us, this easy-to-remember method is a simple, yet effective, way to engage with God's Word. It can be used with any passage of Scripture. 

I love the emphasis on the fact that the Bible is God's Word to us, and is the basis of our relationship with Him. When we T.E.X.T(engaging with the word through this simple method) the text of the Bible we begin a "life-changing conversation with the God of the universe, uncovering the Bible's message between God, humanity, and you." 

Some of the features I really appreciate about his Bible are the fact that there are wide margins to write or even draw in as you are reading or studying. So, lots of room for notes! 

Each Book of the Bible includes a great intro with the usual date, key verse, and author. There is a concordance, maps, reading plans, and other resources in the back as expected. Another fun feature included in the back is a Hashtag list with a list of hashtagged words with their related scriptures. 

But my favorite features are that each book intro includes a short sentence stating the purpose of the book and a section called  'Encountering Christ in (insert book name)'.

 I am a firm believer that Christ can be found in every book of the Bible...both Old and New Testament, so this feature is gold to me! 

The text threads are another great feature as they are introduced at the beginning of each book. As you are reading, there are tidbits that mention one of the 'threads' that were mentioned at the beginning of the book and it gives you other places within the text to follow the thread...with book, chapter, and verses provided. 

Young people are so used to being online and encountering this concept in articles and blog posts that say things like, "read more articles like this here", or "want to know more? Go to this link..." and they provide links to similar articles on the same topic. This is what the follow-the-thread feature feels like in this Bible. 

I would recommend this Bible to anyone that is relatively new to God's Word and wants to gain a greater understanding as they read. So it is great for new Christians, people just looking to understand the 'flow' of Scripture, young people, and students. I believe it can be used as a great discipleship tool with new believers. 

Many thanks to Harper Collins Christian Publishing for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

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About the Editors
Michael and Hayley DiMarco are the bestselling and award-winning authors of more than 40 books including Own It, God Guy, God Girl, and A Woman Overwhelmed. Michael and Hayley have now served as general editors on three Bible projects. Together, they work side-by-side at Hungry Planet, a company they founded that creates winsome and spiritually-based content for teens and adults. They live in Eugene, Oregon, where Michael serves as a pastor.

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