Write…Giving Wings to the Words of My Heart

The Dance...

Words dance on the screen as my fingers tap away at the keyboard.

The words form as the synapses fire away in my brain, pouring out onto the page.

Much like the motion of the dancer as the music dictates the direction of her flowing body.

Others join in the dance, feeling the rhythm and flow of the dancer's soul...

The Song...

Heart, head, and fingers intermingle, spilling out onto the page.

Melodious words flowing from fingertips and floating into the fathomless space.

The resulting sweet sound…heard by heart

... resonating within the soul of the 'hearer'. 

The Arrow

Words in my head are like arrows in the quiver. 

Arrows are not meant to remain in the quiver…that safe place where nothing can come against it.

An arrow, and so our words, are to be released into the world. 

Soaring straight for its intended target. Accompanied by a prayer for grace. Intent upon impact. 

The impact reverberating throughout space and time.

Forever leaving its mark on the world. 

…and so I write.

The words of the mouth are deep waters, 
but the fountain of wisdom is a rushing stream.~Proverbs 18:4

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  1. Visiting from Lisa-Jo's - what a beautiful post!

    1. Andrea,
      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving an encouraging word!


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