The Windmill Farmer...seeds for thought???

I saw this video posted on another site and couldn't help but see the analogy to the way God is at work in our lives on a daily basis in a very real and very personal way.

 Take the time to watch the video and let me know what you think about it.

The Windmill Farmer from Joaquin Baldwin on Vimeo.

 Here's my take on the video:

God is in control. We plant the seeds and then need to step back and let God do His good work...we can't micromanage everything. Sometimes the worst possible things that happen(in our eyes), turn out to be the vehicle through which God can do His greatest work! So no matter what you may be going through...no matter how hard it may be, trust that God is in control and loves you beyond your wildest imagination.  

Romans 8:28 tells us that..." in all things God works  for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose."  Wow... "all things"..the good, the bad and the ugly!! God can do His good work through anything that fallen mankind, fallen nature, or the enemy throws His way!  He can and does take those things which are meant to do us harm and He works it out for our own good when we are living according to His word, His will, and His way! 

We are called to live according to His purpose...how will we respond?  
What are you planting today?


  1. Gay, thanks for sharing this. It truly was a blessing.

  2. Thanks, Gay, for directing me to your message. God will take what we may think as the most devistating event in our life to bring us to a place of service for Him if we are willing to be used for His service. Many times we limit ourselves because of our own false beliefs. We begin to believe the lie that Satan wants us to believe, that we are not worthy or loved or valued, instead of holding on to the truth that only comes from our Father in Heavan. He has made us worthy to be called His children. He will take a storm, like the farmer's storm, and multiply the seeds from that storm to bring glory and honor to Him. That's the beautiful thing about this story and His story. His story is not complete but is being played out in each one of our lives as we journey through life. He will bring joy in the midst of our pain if we hold on to Him and seek His truth. Thank you, Gay, for your thoughts.

  3. My goodness Gay! I thought today would be the day I didn't cry. haha silly me.. Although this video mixed hopeful tears in my eyes as well. I know; I mean I really BELIEVE God does everything for a reason. And most of the time I am really good at letting him without too much fear. However; lately the fear grows, I say prayers, it shrinks, then I come back and fear grows. I tell myself. "I say self! you listen here, GOD IS TAKING CARE OF YOU AND LOVES YOU; Have no fear." Thank YOU
    Gay Idle for sharing such a heart and soul touching message. God Bless You

  4. Thank you, Linda! Sometimes things happen not because God "does" them...but because of the fact that we live in a fallen world with fallen human beings and God "allows" bad things or bad choices to happen...but if we just keep trusting in Him and following Him He WILL work through those bad things for our ultimate good...and yes God does love you so very much!!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Appreciate you bloggingg this


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