Let's Talk About Joy

I'm over at the Pretty & Wise website today! We've been talking about joy all month and I've been STRUGGLING to just SBICAW(Sit Butt In Chair And Write) about this subject. I have written about JOY in the past on my blog in 2018 here: Where Is The Joy

That post took off in a crazy direction with pizza, a dream...the nighttime, 'what the heck was that about?' kind of dream...dream interpretation, and a bit of reflection about what God had placed in my hand to do. It's a whole Follow the link in the previous paragraph if that has piqued your interest. 

Since that time I've done a lot of research on the subject of joy and happiness...and no they are not necessarily exclusive in their respective meanings. I used to think they were, but after pouring over scriptures about joy, digging into the original language with word studies, and reading numerous books written by many authors (some who are biblical scholars), I think differently now. But I digress...because when I finally sat down to work out this most recent article God steered me around that onto a different about rabbit trails. 

My article today, The Question of Joy,  has most certainly taken on an unexpected twist. Much of it is about Job's suffering, his questions, and God's answer. Not exactly where I expected to end up when I began writing an article about JOY. 

I hope you will go over and read the article...then click on the link at the bottom of the article that says 'community', because that is where we talk about 'all the things'. That is where the sisterhood takes place...those 'you too' moments that let you know that you are not alone in this world.'s the link to the article over at Pretty & Wise: The Question of Joy  

See you there! 

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