Pilgrim's Progress Movie Review and Giveaway!

Have you heard about the new movie coming out Easter Weekend? If not keep reading. I've had the privilege of viewing a pre-screening of the movie and I'm giving you a quick review here on the blog. Make sure you keep reading to the end of this post because I have an awesome giveaway too!!
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About the book...

The Pilgrim's Progress. First published in 1678, this book has remained one of the most widely read Christian allegories still in print! More copies of this epic tale have been sold than any other Christian book, second only to the Bible.  It has been translated in more than 200 languages and has never been out of print. 

The author of the story, John Bunyan, was a pastor imprisoned for unauthorized

(not sanctioned by the Church of England) preaching of the gospel in small house meetings. During the 12 years of imprisonment, Bunyan wrote many books, one of which was The Pilgrim's Progress.  
It has been said that no-one just finds the book. But rather the book finds them. 
This powerful allegory gives us a tangible description of the spiritual journey a Christian must embark upon.  

It gives us a name for our struggle with doubt...even more, a place...a dungeon where lives the Giant Despair.  The Slough of Despond accurately gives a name to our times of discouragement and despair. Vanity Fair is a town that represents the indulgence of our own sinful desires. It gives a name to those who would walk beside us on our journey, Faithful and Hopeful. Each of these encounters and so many more in Bunyan's book give us a bird's eye view of what our spiritual journey requires, and in doing so brings hope and encouragement to the reader.
Throughout Christian's journey, the King sends reminders that he is not alone.

About the movie...

The movie is based on John Bunyan's epic masterpiece, The Pilgrim's Progress. A family-friendly feature-length CGI animated film and it is  coming to theaters Easter Weekend! April 18 & 20th. 

Check this site to find a theater near youhttps://www.pilgrims.movie/theaters

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In watching the movie I was quickly drawn into Christian's journey. It is so rich in allegory, that I could not help but make comparisons of the obstacles that Christian encounters along his journey (to the Celestial City) with my own faith journey. Who would ever expect that an animated movie would bring about so much introspection? 

If you are looking for movies that give your children the courage to do the right thing...to stay true to the path that God has laid out for them, take them to see this movie.

I really enjoyed this movie and I think you will too. It is a vivid retelling of the original tale. I would recommend families watch it together and after the movie take some time to talk about Christian's journey. 

The Evil Apollyon will stop at nothing to keep Christian from the Celestial City.

Age appropriateness: I will say that this is probably not for very young(2-4 yrs) children as some of the scenes may be a bit intense, if not frightening, as there are times where it depicts the attacks on Christian...bringing to light the battle in the Spiritual realms as the attacks are demonic in nature.   

As for 5-6 years olds, it would depend on the sensitive nature and maturity of your child. For 7 year old to adults, I most definitely recommend going to see this movie.

The Hill of Salvation! Where Christian's burdens are released and his journey takes a turn.

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Here's the giveaway...

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See you at the movies!! 

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