Okay...I know that I have not posted in quite awhile.  As a result, apparently, I am getting a flurry of spam comments that I am having to delete almost every day!  I know that I can set my comments to make you, my legitimate viewers and commenters, type in a crazy jumbled combination of letters and numbers to keep out the automated spam. i.e. 'captcha'.  I choose not to do that...YET...mainly because I hate having to go through that process when I want to comment on someone else's blog.

So you need to know...

  1. I receive emails on a daily basis when someone comments on a post. No matter how old the post... (oh yeah! I'm onto you)!
  2. I check my blog daily...even if I am not posting regularly.
  3. I love comments on my blog...but not when it has nothing to do with the actual post.
  4. If you are a spammer and are trying to do indirect advertising for your product by putting your link in my comment box, you will most assuredly be assigned to the spam folder. 
  5. If you have been shifted to the spam folder, you will be silenced for all time from my blog site and be deleted into cyber-hell

If you are NOT a spammer...

  1. I welcome your comments!
  2. I love being encouraged from other bloggers!
  3. I even welcome those of you who do not share my views on every post...as long as you express your differing opinion with kindness and respect. 
  4. Even if you don't comment, I want to thank you for taking valuable time out of your day to read my posts!
  5. I welcome the opportunity to pray for you. Please feel free to share your prayer needs...either in the comments or in a personal email.  

Thanks and blessings (to my legitimate viewers),


  1. I have noticed a HUGE uptick in the amount of spam comments that are trying to get through on my blog recently.

    Real comments are always so much better. Have a wonderful (hopefully spam-free) day!

    1. Thanks so much for the REAL comment and the encouragement Tracie! I hope that your day is spam-free as well!!


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