Lessons on Sabbatical...Mac vs. PC

I am  on sabbatical this month and won't be blogging much.

 I know... I am in the middle of a series on worry and some of you are checking back to see if the third article in the series has been posted.

So...worry has been postponed! ;-)

I am out of town without my own laptop and am having to use my husband's Mac to work from...arrrgghh!

I know...I know...all of you mac users are saying, "so what's the problem with that?"  The problem is that 'I'm a PC'... getting accustomed to this keyboard and several other differences are really difficult, especially when I know I will just go back to my PC when I get home.  Not to mention the fact that I like to use my own photos for my articles now and ALL of the photos I need are on my laptop at home.  My laptop is at home because the screen has been damaged and it is now 'toggled' to another screen, rendering it useless as a laptop but great as a desktop.

I  have a looming deadline on two book projects and long to get back to my PC at home. And yes! I do miss my kids and my puppy!

In the meantime, I am left to work with what I have and am thankful (she said, tongue in cheek).

Before this month I had been musing that my next laptop would be a Mac.  However, I am now seriously rethinking that, as I bungle around on my husband's Mac.

  So now begs the question...are you a Mac or a PC and why? I would love to hear your thoughts on the Mac verses PC war!

 I made the switch to a mac. It took a little getting used to at first, just the way to copy paste, in the beginning was maddening. However, the photo drag and drop thing was AWESOME.  Now…not sure I would revert back to a PC.  I love my mac! (2014)

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