Monday, October 28, 2013

Do The Hard Thing! Tear Down The Walls! Open Your Heart!

Oh how Satan wants our hearts.

John 10:10 tells us that the enemy of our souls wants to steal and kill and destroy. He wants nothing more than to destroy us by separating us from God. If he can't keep us from loving God, from trusting God, then he will go after our relationships with others.
You might think, "Well, as long as my relationship with God is good what difference does it make if I distance myself in my relationships with friends or with family?"
That wall around your heart that you've cherished, protected, and rebuilt after each offense doesn't hurt others as much as it hurts you. It separates you from God, even though you might reason that walling yourself off doesn't have anything to do with your view of God.~ Mary DeMuth

We cannot love and serve God in a silo. What do I mean by that? The 'silo effect' refers to individuals working alone; not communicating with others or sharing common goals for the greater good of the community. The silo refers to being surrounded by vertical walls, causing inward focus and vertical communication. But the problem with this is that is limits….

 I'm guest posting today at 31 Days to open hearted living. I would love it if you would  click the link below to read the rest of my post!

Do the hard thing and open your heart.

Mary DeMuth's new book, The Wall Around Your Heart.
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You can also watch The Wall Around Your Heart Book Trailer 
Welcome to the openhearted revolution!

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